4 Ways to Tie a Scarf

In any season, the scarf is a customary accessory of our clothes. Whether it is a nod, a twist or a few kinks, our scarf can become an eye-catcher. Sometimes the refinement of these scarves can be enriched with small accessories like a ring or a delicate strap . If you are a creative person, you will find other unique ways to arrange these scarves so as to match the mood of each outfit. We have gathered for you a few ideas about how you can tie a scarf and get a wonderful look.

The neckerchief

You can choose a long colorful scarf or even a polka dot scarf to add a fun sophisticated touch to any outfit. Fold the neckerchief in half around your neck and wrap it twice. Insert one end through the loop and secure your neckerchief by tying a knot. You can wear this scarf with a simple black top and a pair of jeans for a casual look. If you opt for a sexy look you can even wear an LBD.
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The choker scarf

For this look, you need a thin and delicate scarf. Fold the scarf into a quarter inch strip and secure it by tying a knot behind your neck. You should loop it around your neck and if it’s too large you can loop it twice. You can use a black silk scarf or just a simple black ribbon. You will have a chic and elegant look.
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The bandana scarf is the most classic way to create an edgy look. If you try a bandana scarf, it’s important to wear simple black clothes, because your outfit shouldn’t overpower your scarf. You must fold the banana in half to get a triangle. Wrap it around your neck and secure the bandana by tying a knot. This way you will have a sexy summer look.
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The infinity scarf

4 Ways to Tie a Scarf Picture
If you want to accessorize your look with an infinity scarf, you will need a long scarf. You should tie the ends of it, to create a large loop. Hang the loop over your neck and twist the scarf two or three times over your head. Try to cover and hide the knot. This way you will create a casual and sexy look.

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