Best 2016 Men Fashion Trends

Spring is coming, so we have to take a look at the menswear trends for 2016. The latest men’s collections revealed some new interesting things for this year, therefore, we have to find out which clothes will be a must in a man’s wardrobe. Fashion is all about style and inspiration, so let’s find out more about the best trends for men.
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Fifties Shirts

This year, one of the most catching trends is the oversized polo and fifteen shirt. Designers created various models of shirts that will satisfy every man’s needs. They come in all kinds of colors and textures and they can be easily matched with a pair of tailored pants. This shirt should definitely be in a man’s wardrobe this year.
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Short Shorts

The newest collections of Prada and Gucci introduced the short shorts. They come in a wide range of colors and funky prints. They are shorter than those in the previous years, which makes them the best for spring and summer. They can be worn with bright colors t-shirts or for a more tailored style, they can be matched with darker color shirts. Whatever you may choose, you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.
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Bomber Jackets

These 50s jackets are a style reference in this year. Bomber jackets are perfect for casual days, they are very comfortable and can change your entire look. In order to keep things more contemporary, you can wear these jackets with various colors and materials.
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Overalls are back in trend, according to the designers’ collections. The most interesting ones come in cool toned denim or dark hues of black and green. You can choose a tailored pair of overalls or, for a more modern style, patterned overalls. Bear in mind that overalls today are all about keeping things polished, so make sure to buckle them up twice, or not at all. Match them with a pair of white or black trainers and you’re ready to go.

Floral Print

In case you want to bring into attention the sunnier feel of spring and summer, then you surely can pick a floral print. Although the trend can be a little too much for most men, the effect of a nice floral jacket or a shirt, will instantly change your overall look. You can even incorporate slim ties with expressive floral prints in order to animate the suits.

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