How to Dress for Your Body Type

If you are a fashionable person, then you must also take into account the fact that not you cannot wear all the fashionable clothes, due to the fact that you might not have the right body type for some of those items. Therefore, in order to wear clothes that are in fashion and that look very pretty on you as well, then you must definitely know how to dress for your body type.

How to Dress for Your Body Type Picture

What type of body do you have?

The first thing you need to do in order to know exactly how to dress properly is to find out what type of body you have. You will need to measure the size of your hip, waist, and bust. Once you know your measurements, you will know what type of body you have. You can either have an apple body type, a pear type, or a straight/rectangular body type. For all these body types, you will see below what clothes you should wear, in order to look absolutely fantastic.

What clothes to wear for your body type

If you have an apple body type, then what you actually need to do is to minimise as good as you can your midsection. You can easily do this, by highlighting your legs and your shoulders as well. For example, it is highly recommended to go for swing coats, which will definitely look absolutely spectacular on you, and they will hide all your little imperfections. High-waisted circle skirts are also recommended, and you should definitely have a clothing item like this in your wardrobe. When it comes to dresses, you must go for the shift one as they are perfect for your body type. Low-waisted straight-leg pants will look gorgeous on you, and you should have them as well in your wardrobe. On the other hand, when it comes to pear body types, women in this category must balance their figure, and they can do this by accentuating their top half. An off-the-shoulder fit-and-flare dress will be perfect, and it will make you look very feminine, without a doubt. Structured jackets and A-line skirts will also make your body look slimmer. If you are a person who wears trousers very often, then you must go for the boot-cut model.
The last category, the straight/rectangular body type is one that many women have. Therefore, you need to go for ruffled tops, slightly cropped jackets with a banded bottom, side cut-out dresses, and tapered trousers. If you respect these rules, you will certainly look absolutely amazing, and nobody will notice your little body imperfections. Therefore, make sure you know exactly how to dress for your body type.

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