Most Popular 2016 Spring-Summer Trends

The most popular 2016 spring-summer trends will bring some changes that we know so far. There will remain, of course, some of the elements that have made headlines this year. The most important thing is that fashion trends are very generous this year, so most of the ladies will be able to create wonderful outfits.
Most Popular 2016 Spring-Summer Trends Picture
Anyway, it’s all about creativity and how you manage to mix clothes, shoes, and accessories to get an outfit worthy of admiration or envy. This year somehow gives us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to start over. Is it our chance to dare more. We have gathered for you the most popular 2016 spring-summer trends which will inspire you to create the desired outfit.

The slip dress

The slip dress comes back as a trend and it looks slinkier than ever. This dress is looking pretty sexy and chic. You can wear it with a blazer and sleeves or you can extend the neckline. You can also combine the body-clinging slip dress and the cozy turtleneck if you want to get a sophisticated look. The slip dress got a major dose of grunge-forward flair with the addition of stoner-style hoodie.
Most Popular 2016 Spring-Summer Trends Picture

The plaid

You should know that plaid was in trend last year and it will also be this year. It is a type of print that never seems out of fashion. This can only make us happy because it means we don’t have to throw all the clothes in the wardrobe if we want to be fashionable. So you can invest with confidence in plaid shirts, plaid jackets with trousers and even dresses plaid school like office style of plaid prints .
You can wear loose blanket trousers and soft gingham dresses which will inspire you to create a nice outfit.
Most Popular 2016 Spring-Summer Trends Picture

The ruffles

Femininity is the key word this year as designers used frills, chiffon cascades, and leather ruffles to add drama and delicacy to dresses, coats and skirts.
Most Popular 2016 Spring-Summer Trends Picture
The ruffles became a key detail trend. Quality and quantity are both important here in this style. You can wear dresses with minimal ruffles and structured tiers, or go all out in a shredded number.

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