Tips for a Perfectly Toned Body

Simply working out won’t help you tone your body unless you know how to combine various other aspects designed to boost your workout results. The following tips will come in handy when you need to have a perfectly toned body, so keep reading and learn more.
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Wear a weighted vest during workouts

Weighted vests are heavy vests that can weigh up to 20 pounds and can help you increase the effort you submit your body to during workouts. More muscles straining means better results in toning your body and getting rid of excess fat. Many types of workouts allow you to wear a weighted vest but the best ones that those that require plenty of physical strength like weightlifting.

Monitor your workouts

You might be performing the wrong types of exercises without even knowing it so using a fitness tracker can really increase your body-toning efforts. This fitness gadget monitors your heart rate, the steps take, the time spend working out, and the calories burned so you will know which type of exercise is the best for shaping your body.
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Keep a track of your body weight

Each body acts differently to effort and not every exercise guarantees you will be losing weight or gaining muscle mass. To get you out of doubt, use a body fat analyzer that measures your body mass index, your muscle mass, the body fat, and the visceral fat so you will know exactly how your weight loss is going. You might be losing weight and gaining muscle mass so your scale will display the same number of pounds so the body fat analyzer will help you understand exactly how you are toning your body.

Feed on good carbs

Foods rich in carbohydrates are essential for building muscle mass and toning your body but it’s best to avoid bad carbs that only make you look and feel fluffy. Instead of eating pasta, grains, and potatoes, go for healthy carbs from fruits, vegetables, and nuts that will offer your body the necessary calories to build muscle mass.
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Drink water

Your muscles rely on the water intake because they are mostly made of water and they need it in order to grow bigger and stronger. Therefore, make sure you drink plenty of water and help your muscles develop and create more muscle tissue.


After an exerting workout, your muscles need a period of rest so they will have enough time to recover and grow bigger. It’s important to have at least 8 hours of sleep every night and that you skip one or two days a week at the gym so you will allow your muscles to work and get stronger.

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