Which are the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape?

Earrings are without a doubt a must-have piece of jewelry, which all women love. Nowadays, you can find in jewelry shops, a large range of models. Do you know exactly what you should choose? Do you know which are the right earrings for your face shape? If not, then you must have a look at this article, in order to see exactly what to get.

Which are the Right Earrings for Your Face Shape Picture

What are the most popular earrings styles?

There are many earring styles, and every style is highly recommended for a certain type of face. Teardrop earrings are actually shaped like a teardrop, and they are generally made of silver, gold, or gemstones. This style is specially designed to dangle below your earlobe, and it is a style that looks very nice, no matter the face shape.
The second type of earrings are the dangle ones, which are absolutely wonderful They can be composed of die-cut metal designs rounds, cuts, or squares. They are available in the shops in narrow and wide styles as well. What you need to do, when shopping for this type of earrings is to pay attention to their width, due to the fact that different widths are suitable for different face types.
There is also another type, called studs, which the classic one, which actually looks very good on every face type. This type of jewelry is composed of a single ball or stone, that sits directly on your earlobe.
There are also chandelier earrings, which are the most spectacular type, and all women absolutely love them. They can be worn, no matter the face type, and they usually feature a decorative stud with a component that dangles below your earlobe. If you have a dressy event, then a piece of jewelry of this type would be perfect for you.
Huggies earrings are quite similar to the hoop earrings, but they are actually smaller. They will look very nice on you, in case you have an oval face. You will find on the market these days, huggies earrings made of plastic or metal, in a large range if colors.
The last category is the cluster earrings. They feature clusters of gemstones or other decorative elements, and they sit on your earlobe. Due to the fact that they are very flashy, you cannot wear them during the day. You can wear them if you have an event, or if you are going out to a fancy restaurant. This type is perfect for round faces. It is extremely important to know which are the right earrings for your face shape, in order to have a 100% perfect outfit. Therefore, by reading this article, you will certainly find the information you need about this aspect.

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